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How do I take my student picture using my web-cam when I'm using a browser?

Google chrome:

Open your browser.
At the top right of the page click ‘settings’.
Click on “Advanced settings”.
under ‘Privacy’, click on ‘Site settings’.
Under ‘Permissions’ click on ‘Camera’ and toggle the switch to “ ask before accessing”.

- Everytime a website requests access to your "webcam" Chrome browser will alert you.
- You can manage what websites can access your webcam from the same list too.
- You can do the same for the microphone access and manage what websites can access it too.

Mozilla Firefox:

All permissions will appear to you by clicking on the "Lock" icon next to the taskbar (website address).

In order to be able to grant access to your webcam, you must select "Always share".
Please note that you have to close your browser and reopen it for the new settings to be active.

Updated on: 31/08/2020

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